Ken Flett’s newest book, ‘The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss’ offers effective insight on weight loss

Ken Flett used his years of research to offer the perfect weight loss solution through his newly published book, ‘The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss’.



Obesity is one of the biggest health issues in the US. Most people are struggling to lose weight, but gain the weight right back after losing it. Most of them give up and are forced to carry the extra weight with them for the rest of their lives. Ken Flett brings a revolutionary book, The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss to the market that helps you look at weight loss from a completely different perspective. In the book, he talks about all the things that come during the weight loss journey.

In the book, he talks about different reasons for obesity apart from food, like genetics and aging. He dissects all the obstacles that one faces in the weight loss process and how to counter them. The book offers a detailed description of both healthy and unhealthy foods and their consequences in life. The book educates people about the frequency of eating, the benefits of exercise, and all the weight loss scams that are quite common these days.

Ken Flett has been overweight himself after he reached a certain age due to his inactive life and unhealthy eating habits. He turned his life around when he realized its negative impact on his physical and mental health. He spends 7 years researching and studying the subject and has finally written ‘The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss’ based on the conclusions from 2047 survey participants. The book offers the tools for permanent change to those who want to lose weight and maintain it. The book is available on Amazon. Visit his website to know more.

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