Give Your Hip-Hop Playlist a Musical Makeover with Lil Squid’s ‘Fasho’

New hip-hop single by Lil Squid, ‘Fasho’, enthrals listeners, transporting them to a trippy realm of deep emotive music that is entertaining and thought-provoking.


Fusing together the authenticity of deep emotions with immensely smooth melodies and beats, the musical maven Nathanael G. M. Forbes, better known as Lil Squid or Squid Da Savage, has released his new single Fasho. The song stands out in its production as it offers a string of passionate vocal delicacy, the impact of which is augmented by heavy yet affable beats, and lyrics that are representative of the artist’s personal turmoil as well as that of modern life. The ambient music design invites deep thinkers and lovers of thought-provoking music and makes for a pleasant earworm.

‘Fasho’ stands tall on the foundation of varied melodies and beat refrains that make it rhythmically enticing and structurally unique, and envelops the listener into a trippy musical realm, with the passion that the vocals of the artist exude enabling them to feel connected to him on a deeper level. Lil Squid gives his musical masterpiece an air of mystery and darkness through his tentative and confident performance style. Every song of the artist, including those like ‘New Cause’ and ‘Vicious’, show his sublime creativity and deep understanding of the contemporary hip-hop landscape. To listen to his amazing releases, check him out on Apple Music, and also Spotify. Follow him on Instagram for more.

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