The Queensland DJ Christian Krauter Impresses EDM Fans with His Energetic New Singles

Christian Krauter has got some brand new presents for EDM lovers. The talented Queensland DJ has released two new singles that are now streaming on SoundCloud.


Every EDM music lover can rejoice as the new singles from Christian Krauter have finally dropped. The talented DJ and musician has come up with two brand new singles that will be in your playlist permanently. As an EDM lover myself, I have always looked for musical crafts that will make me feel refreshed and energized and to say I have found tracks that fulfill these requirements would be an understatement. The tracks are titled ‘I am the mighty soldier’, and ‘deadpools tape’, and both of the tracks display the range of his artistic ability. I was completely spellbound by the artist and his creations and currently, he is definitely sitting at the top of my playlist.

I have particularly enjoyed how effortlessly energetic and vibrant both the tracks sound. The track ‘I am the mighty soldier’ is dedicated to the women combat soldiers in the field who tirelessly fight for our protection and through this composition, the Queensland DJ has paid the perfect tribute to them. On the other hand, ‘deadpools tape’ will remind you of the comic character and his demagogic yet cool attitude in the best possible way. I am extremely fascinated by the way the artist gives his every track a separate theme and even though his tracks are all in the genre of electronic music, there is no repetitiveness or monotony in his compositions.

You can listen to these new tracks on SoundCloud along with his previous releases such as; ‘Wobbles@war’, ‘Bondi Beach’, ‘Smudged’, ‘Vortex Of Emotions’, etc. His discography is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube as well. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his website for the latest updates.

To visit his SoundCloud profile, go through the below link:

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