Hip-Hop Young Presto Knows How to Impress the Fans With Fiery ‘race’

Welcome on board to the electrified musical experience with the majestic track ‘race’ by the passionate Young Presto. Leaving the listeners awe-struck.


Hip-Hop seems to be creating something of a 180 in current months, utilizing the finest of the genre from its classic years as much as a boundless and refreshing approach well and truly rooted in the contemporary music industry. Enter Young Presto, a New York artist with a fresh understanding of and connection to that process, and an undeniable ability to weave and perform a timeless classic. race is a groove that follows its own rules, adhering to a desire to express a certain sentiment, a loving dedication and ode, this pours through in both the lyrics and soundscape. The loop leads with a lightly jazz-pop-like vibe, a hopeful bounce of a beat that is anything but dark or heavy. The track builds up with irregular heartbeat rhythms and wobbly synth bass patterned out. The vocals have a really attractive tone to them, and the use of a gritty tune adds to their hook value, to the point where it is genuinely uplifting when the track comes to an end.

Moreover, ‘race’ hits so many sweet spots during its run time, that it’s genuinely difficult not to keep hitting repeat as a reviewer. The lyrics are distant, that charming echo adding to a kind of dreamlike shoe-gaze presentation, and elsewhere the structure allows for a rise and fall between heavy distortion and lighter melodic emo calm and color. That dynamic works gorgeously and helps elevate the already enjoyable, memorable riffs and brief sentiments offered by the New York Music Artist. Alternative rock is making a remarkable comeback to the main stages shortly, and the psychedelic, swirling enchantment of trying, filled with its exceptional composition and honest instrumentation and vocal work, is on sound loop to be a memorable part of that process. Several other tracks by Young Presto like ‘gone ft. dream’, ‘Rodeo RoughMix’, ‘#gtm’, and ‘Before Da Deal’ have managed to spread their charming aura across the world, leaving the audience impressed with her boundless creativity. Get all the soundtracks available on SoundCloud. To get all the latest information, follow the magnificent artist on Instagram. Hopefully, there is plenty more music in the pipeline from the stock.

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