DaPhatMack offers dark, moody, and catchy banger, ‘MNS,’ out now via major streaming platforms. Revive your energy and motivation with DaPhatMack and his hot single ‘MNS.’ The banger is beautifully crafted with a dark and moody soundscape that is both enjoyable and engaging. The finely calibrated soundscape complements the rapper’s eclectic style of deliverance […]

Brooklyn-based hip hop artist Ree-Mo introduces the world with his rhythmic rap style in his newly released melodically rich lyrical ballad ‘Pipe Down’. [dropcap]H[/dropcap]ailing from the birthplace of hip hop, rhythmic hip hop artist Ree-Mo is bringing a wave of new-age resonance with his extraordinary soundscape. He has recently released another hit number, ‘Pipe Down’ that […]

A simple anthem-like track, ‘Other Side’ features vintage and crisp backdrop, and an upfront soundscape, along with the performance of the Los Angeles music artist Shezi Rosewood. The introductory moments traverse with detailed story-telling – quirky rhymes and consistent bars have been scattered throughout the presentation. As the track progresses, a powerful rhythm […]