Sensual Album ‘Sapphire Kiss’ by the Talented Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter JÁNEEL Is Here

Finally, after a long wait, the young global star rapper, singer, and songwriter JÁNEEL has dropped the last part of his trilogy, the latest album ‘Sapphire Kiss’.


The young and rising Seattle rapper JÁNEEL is fresh off the boat with his new hit album ‘Sapphire Kiss’. This enticing album is also the last part of his much-awaited trilogy, consisting of ten new, fresh tracks. Specifically, two of these tracks titled Never Found Clown and Poseidons Rise have been circling in the minds of his fans from all over the world. In a recent interview, this up-and-coming artist expressed how much he loves and appreciates his fans and this album is a sure way of reciprocating that love. After expressing his immense musical talents this rapper has surely shut some mouths while his way up.

Both of the tracks from the album ‘Sapphire Kiss’ are examples of the young artist’s profound knowledge of music, singing, and songwriting. The first track, ‘Never Found Clown’ is an introspective track resonating with the hard times and rough patches the singer had to go through to become what he is today. The lyrics speak about the struggles and the highs and lows of life that have not been able to demotivate our beloved rapper but have helped him become the resilient man he is today. The second track is called ‘Poseidons Rise’ which deals with a different route that the prolific rapper has taken. It speaks about the negativity he had to deal with at the beginning of his career. This song serves as a revenge track to his haters, remembering all the bad talks, glares, and side-eyes he got when JÁNEEL was trying to make a name for himself. All of his tracks are streaming on SoundCloud right now. For fans, the artist is available on his social media profiles on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and Apple Music.

Listen to the album ‘Sapphire Kiss’ on Soundcloud, visit here:

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