Add fun to your children’s learning process with Snooknuk’s latest album Once Upon a Day, A Lot More Funny

Snooknuk is bringing revolution to the world of children’s music with her encouraging, educational, and entertaining album Once Upon a Day, A Lot More Funny.


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he newest music album for children Once Upon a Day, A Lot More Funny is the ideal representation of what children’s music actually should be. I have been a fan of the artist behind the project Snooknuk for a long time. The album consisting of 14 magical songs like ‘Ready for School’, ‘Hold My Hand to Cross the Road’, ‘My Friend’, and more, is highly entertaining and innovative at the same time. The album is a follow up of her previous album Once Upon a Time: A Little Less Tears, which I adored. The pop, doo-wop, and Broadway-type sounds of this album impressed me immensely.

Based in Los Angeles, Snooknuk has earned quite a name for herself with her inspiring musical numbers that teach children valuable life lessons through cheery and pleasing melodies. Her music has been approved by the library board and is in high demand with pre-schools, elementary, library and mall events, family festivals, more. I think the songs like ‘Nice to Be Nice’, ‘3 Magic Words’, ‘Icky Sicky’, ‘Never Talk to Strangers’, and more from the album Once Upon a Day, A Lot More Funny is going to be a joyful and learning experience for children. Follow her on Streaming platforms and social media for more.

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