Talented music artist from Hillsboro, BrittKatt is showing a strong hip-hop game with her latest track, ‘Shade Room.’ Showing her unwavering personality over the face of haters, BrittKatt has dropped a new powerful banger titled ‘Shade Room.’ The track is masterfully crafted and offers the invigorating flavors of hip-hop and rapping. The musical arrangement is quite engaging […]

The rapper from Toronto, Gon Gotti takes the center stage of the hip hop battlefield with his new single ‘Bussdown’ from the newly announced project The Prince Of Pot. [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he ravishing rap star, Gon Gotti is about to release a brand new trap-infused single ‘Bussdown’ featuring Madchild and Patchy Pacino. This new collaboration might be a good […]

The uber-cool Check’a Fred will be soaring up the summer heat this winter with his riveting tracks from the album ‘Check Mate’ with his quintessential swaggers.  [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he stage is set for some scintillating stuff as Check’a Fred will entertain the audiences with his latest offering. The rapper is ready to fill the mood of the […]