Neo-Classical Composer, Julia Thomsen Shines With New Release ‘Beauty Inside And Out’

Scottish born music composer, Julia Thomsen is back, and she is flying with her new composition ‘Beauty Inside And Out’. It is a piece that brings optimism in a gloomy world, and her delivery is awe-inspiring.

Julia Thomsen

Having heard several pieces from Julia Thomsen, it appears she takes significant influence from the beauty of the world, especially nature. Her work is a translation of her experiences, and she performs with piercing quality with each track from the ‘Sea Energise’ EP shining radiantly.

Sticking to just a piano melody and a synth arrangement, Julia gets the show on the road in tremendous style. She soothes with her opener, and it is impossible to not sway into a world where it is calm and serene. Also, her melody catches us quickly, and Julia has us in the palm of her hand instantly.

Similar to a film score, ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ picks up pace regularly with crushing notes and an accent which will have you hanging over your chair in delight. Also, the track grows as it plays out, and Julia keeps us excited for the entirety with new arrangements often popping to the surface.

Overall, this new piece is like velvet wrapping around the ears. It is remarkably gentle, and it gets the imagination flowing. So much so, I find myself revisiting the super sweet teams each time I listen. Also, I find it unusual yet captivating how Julia can lead us so deep in such a short space of time. Furthermore, ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ is the most extended piece on the new EP but still only sits at 2 minutes and 47 seconds in length. For me, it proves Julia’s ability to captivate and her ability to grasp us so quickly is challenging to criticise.

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