The Thematic Depth and Understanding in Hazeline Taffe’s ‘The Battle of Cov-19’ is Soul-Stirring

Artist Hazeline Taffe is creating a soul-rendering and inspirational musical arrangement with the lyrical and thematic significance of ‘The Battle of Cov-19’.

Hazeline Taffe

In the backdrop of the global pandemic, the world is blessed to witness musical harmony with the trudging yet inspirational soundscape laid by upcoming artist Hazeline TaffeHer music is made from the scratches of persona and interpersonal struggles that made her conceive some of the most soul-stirring thematic sagas in her music. She recently came out with the single, ‘The Battle of Cov-19’ putting forward the various changes and undulations that changed social, political, and religious definitions just in over a few months. Empowering and motivating, the song instigates hope for the good, lit days once the world collectively winds against the virus.

Hailing from Jamaica, Hazeline Taffe has been living in Canada for many years. Her experiences and personal losses pushed her to take up music and with gospel as the leading strain, she has come out with various albums to her name. ‘The Battle of Cov-19’ and other songs like ‘Strength’, ‘Dreams’, ‘True Friend’, and ‘carry You Along’ showcase harsh truths but also leads the audience to see the light of the day. All her songs portray the true belief of a better tomorrow, a message that is extremely important in a world of endless bad occurrences. Transform your insight into personal and global sorrow and positivity by following her work on Spotify and her official website right away.

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