The talented duo of Moonray cast a charming impression through ‘When You’re Around’

Moonray, the husband-wife synth-pop duo based in Austin, has enchanted the global listeners with their fascinating new Spotify release, titled ‘When You’re Around’.

Starting with a simple reference to the music-making style of the husband-wife duo of Moonray, the EP ‘Honeymoon’ reflects the love story of the creators. Each track of this EP is magnificent; however, the track When You’re Around has turned out to be the most appreciated and celebrated one. The decidedly unique approach towards the creation of this track, compared to the others, has made it something worth experiencing again and again. The track sees the talented music artist Jonray leading the notes of the structure, and ample support provided through the performance of Barbara. Both the artists have done tremendously well in this track.


Be it the tempting instrumentation, the stunning sound design, the charming groove, or the sleek vocal-line – each section has been created with the utmost detail. The sonic frequencies of the track ‘When You’re Around’ have the strength of captivating the musical senses – there are authenticity and power to the entire arrangement. The presentation, along with the fascinating backdrop, and the lyrical notes, immediately encourage a sense of musical urgency, which just cannot be ignored. The romanticism pouring out through the songwriting is the strongest point here. Once you listen to this track from Moonray, there is simply no turning back.

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