Vixu has come up with entrancing tunes of alternative R&B in his latest exquisite track ‘Jackie’

The multifaceted musician Vixu has dished out incredible soulful vocal in his latest number ‘Jackie’. The splendid song has got smooth and pristine vibes.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he prolific singer Vixu has carved out his niche in other spheres of song-making like song-writing, pianist and he is also a music producer. He has come up with the mesmerizing number ‘Jackie’ where a romantic situation is suppressed in the workplace. The artist who is based out of Toronto is also the music producer of the track and shot for the video in exotic locations of the city in June. The secretive relation has reached a new phase that is rich and comforting according to him. In some places where the video is filmed felt abandoned because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The brilliant music video by the singer can be watched on trending platforms like YouTube.


In the track from the music video ‘Jackie’ by the prodigious singer Vixu there is a stylish blend of the classy and cool rhythm of alternative R&B that is flabbergasting. Although he received adverse reactions from popular podcasts it did not deter him as he came up with a new clip of the video. To know more about the talented singer and his lined up projects, the fans can log on to his Instagram handle. To listen to his incredible tracks, the audiences can plug into popular music streaming apps like Spotify.

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