The Texas Rap Group KneeTie GoRunGo Has Belted Out Magnificent Hip Hop Beats In The Track ‘GoRunGo Addiction’

GoRunGo Addiction

Sensational melody and a lot of funk are etched out by the stupendous band KneeTie GoRunGo. They have come up with the incredible track ‘GoRunGo Addiction’ that has oodles of fusion of pop and rap. A lot of uber-cool stuff is injected by the Texas rap groupThe rap group is also the owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘KneeTie GoRunGo’ that has futuristic facilities. The breathy vocals in the track create an addictive dash and speak about saving the lives of people from suicide and addictions. They have dished out the tracks inspired by people who have lost their lives and are suffering heavily because of Covid-19. They also want to help those who are very much under the influence of disorders related to mental health and substance use that often leads to suicides. To know more about the rap group, the fans can plug into their profile on Facebook.

In the cracking number GoRunGo Addiction’ by the rap group KneeTie GoRunGo there is a high octane rhythm that is backed by a rhythmic looping. The track has got a profound bounce with the lushness of pop that makes for incredible listening. To listen to their tracks, one can plug into popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud. The scintillating videos by the group can be watched by logging on to major trending platforms like YouTube. The audiences can also go through their shared updates and learn about their upcoming ventures by logging on to their Instagram.


Listen to the song ‘GoRunGo Addiction’ on Soundcloud here:

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