The hip hop music industry has got the latest contribution ‘Active’ by KJ Mula

Hailing from Carnasie, Upcoming hip hop artist KJ Mula is creating a huge buzz with his latest single ‘Active’ with his amazing vocal skills and hypnotic soundscape.

Canarsie’s finest hip hop artist KJ Mula is creating a musical sensation with his latest track Active. The song provides a robust dose of hip hop and rap music. The eclectic rapping style of the artist is magically blended with the grooves of digital music. Focusing on bass digital music creates a hypnotic soundscape where the artist freely meanders with his vocal tone and skill. The song instantly provides the energy that channelizes through the killing and strong verses. The confidence and the self-exploration through the bars are quite noticeable and engaging. The music video adds an extra layer to the song with the flair of picturesque frames and the presentation of a rich lifestyle. The artist himself has done a great job in expressing the mood of the song.

This talented music artist has churned out the flavors of hip hop and gradually paving his way through the industry. ‘Active’ is just the beginning of his career and it’s already creating a huge buzz among the hip hop fanatics. With his talent and skill, the music artist is finding new ways to create more tracks like this for which the listeners are eagerly waiting. Follow KJ Mula over Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud to know more about his music.

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