Slake your thirst for good pop-rock music with Trey Warner’s brand-new EP ‘Meant For You’

Let the good time roll with the infectious pop-punk flairs of the trailblazing actor-turned-musician Trey Warner as he encounters vicious melodies in ‘Meant For You’.

Trey Warner

The exciting soft rock melodies and heavier pop rhythms in the new EP Meant For You’ create a rich coalescence that lauds the organically experimental part of the new artist Trey Warner. He leaves his prolific mark of individual musicscape in the evolving generation of music with seven infectious hits. The musical presentation is a punch of pop-rock melodies that helps him to explore the unconscious issues in his mind. ‘MEANT FOR YOU’ starts with energetic guitar riffs leading the choruses to be fast-paced. The pop fizz in the mid-way of the track keeps it hot and unnatural.

Trey Warner is an American actor and musician from Utah who has struggled initially to prove his artistic aura industry that no one can escape from nowadays. Always getting driven by the passion in his heart for art and music, he chose to be a part of the creative world long before he completed his studies. The road to root himself as a pop and rock artist started with a rock band called Rated Hero. The band played with Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, and other popular music groups. His journey of finding love and success in this unfair world is sketched carefully in the new EP ‘Meant For You’. ‘WE FOUND LOVE, YOUNG LOVE’ is a mid-tempo song with soulful lyrics that melt your heart with nostalgic emotions. Follow him on his website and Instagram to watch the exclusive music videos, and get the EP on Spotify and linktr.


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