Canada Worries The Delay In Vaccines Might Worsen The Coronavirus Surge



Image Credit – Global News


Canadians are now worrying that the country’s delayed vaccine distribution will not cut the soaring cases of COVID-19 and subsequent deaths.

The poll, conducted by Ipsos for Global News exclusively says that about 74% of all participating respondents are worried about the same and that the public distribution of the vaccine is happening slowly and will not bring about any change in the soaring numbers of COVID-19 cases.

The number of cases continues to rise in the country. It is currently reporting over 6,000 new cases every day which is double that was being reported just a month back. The total cases in Canada stand at 394,000 with over 12,000 deaths.

This rising concern has also seen about 66% of people satisfied with the current approach towards vaccine distribution although 79% said that Canada needs to do much more.

Everyone is currently waiting to see where the pandemic is set to go. However, Canadians are also curious to see a government that is concerned and energetic and gives them some kind of assurance regarding a positive future.

The Canadian government has still not announced any official timeline for when the vaccine will be given out to the public. According to officials, the uncertainty is persisting because they are yet to receive any feedback on the regulatory reviews for vaccine candidates. This is a huge hindrance till it is clear in launching a vaccine and distributing it across every citizen in need.

Dr. Supriya Sharma, the chief medical adviser at Health Canada said last week that this is a time of chaos. Review, regulation, clinical trials, and manufacturing are all going on at once. Also, the volumes of vaccines that will reach the various countries are still unknown. As a result, they are not being able to give any final date regarding when the vaccine is coming to the street.

The government aims to bring the vaccine before Christmas. Although the vaccines will not physically arrive until January, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he expects the majority of the country to be vaccinated by the month of September.


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