Noor projects the clearest personal statement through the euphoric version of the new rap number ‘Blue Jay’

The gifted young rapper Noor breaks the stereotypical notions of Islam with the perky lyrical magic and bright hooks of his new music release ‘Blue Jay’.

Young rappers like Noor now have the power harness of the music universe in 2020 after the market collapsed for a few months. The pandemic sucked the life out of the music industry with emergency lockdowns. But the talented hip hop artist uses this misfortune to get fortunate with his indie music releases. He has recently released the music video of the track ‘Blue Jay’ on YouTube and has been gaining traction over the past couple of weeks. The track has become his biggest successful record on Spotify with over thousands of streams worldwide.


Noor means the light that shows the road of peace. Just like his name suggests, he becomes a luminary in the hip hop world for his amazing musical contributions so far. Set your mind free and invigorate your confidence with the beautiful rap verses from the single ‘Blue Jay’ released in 2020. The year may have forced you to make tough calls but find your self-worth again with the pulsating rhythms of the new record. Get groovy with the iconic rap song and play it on his website, Spotify, youtube, and Instagram.

Link to the single:

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