Magnifier releases new album ‘Life, Love, Lost’ to represent excellent musical blends

Gifted artist, songwriter and producer/engineer, Jon Rhoten, releases a new album ‘Life, Love, Lost’, which highlights his unique taste in rock music, and impresses all with its catchy results.


Influenced by British Rock movement, Psychedelic, Classic rock, Indie, and Alternative music, Magnifier is a creation by Jon Rhoten, an artist who was perhaps born to lament both his name and his artistry in the industry forever. With a touch of heavy guitars, classic vibes, and eclectic sounds, the singer has incorporated varied styles and sounds in his productions to give them a distinctive touch. His precise writing style and uniquely raw manner of executing them in his infectious vocals have lent him a stable reputation in the musical landscape. ‘Life, Love, Lostis the latest 13- track album released by Jon where guitar skills and great vocalization are showcased in songs like ‘Sad and Lonely’, ‘Take Me to the Sun’, and ‘Solace’ etc. The energy in vocals is appropriate and matches up to the set bar of the genre.


Jon was only 15 years old when he started playing guitar. He produces his music and drives his influence from Manchester’s music scenes like Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, and The Charlatans. Having worked with prominent producers and bands, he discovered his skill and created Magnifier to connect with all. Every track under ‘Life, Love, Lost’ shares a unique story that can now be heard on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook for more details.

Link to the album:

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