Yiig has made the delectable visuals look even better in the deftly crafted short film ‘District Girl’

Yiig has done a spectacular job to etch out brilliant production in the very smartly shot short film ‘District Girl’. The film has got a class of its own. 


Yiig has just stunned an eclectic base of film lovers with his latest brilliant offering. He has deftly released the cracking short film ‘District Girl’ that has made the fans sit back and notice. The short film is depicting a good girl who is making some of the worst decisions. The film has got brilliant visuals and has been shot in exotic locales and sets. Some of the shots that are used are enviable and can give first-rate film producers a run for their money. One can know more about the film on Spotify and watch it on YouTube.

The prolific sound designer, Yiig, has focused on a burning problem that is faced all around the globe. The film ‘District Girl’ is made to draw the attention of people as there are widespread carelessness and drug abuse that has brought a drastic change. The narration of the story is exquisite. It highlights events from real life and speaks about an isolated student. Her journey is portrayed where she gives in to drugs and became a distant partygoer. This reality sets bad precedents for the future generation and should be nipped in the bud. Follow Yiig on Instagram.


Link to the short film:


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