Jaya Lesedi Has Dished Out Delicate Vocals and a Magnificent Rhythm in the Track ‘Secrets’


The charismatic singer, Jaya Lesedi has mesmerized the audiences with her classic vibes of R&B. She has uplifted the listener’s mood with majestic vibes in the track ‘Secrets’. It is a splendid offering by the Georgia female RnB singerIn my opinion, the track has got a great progression. All these years, she has written music for several musical groups and also explored various genres while writing. She has a strong message for all the aspiring musicians and urges them to sharpen their skills and enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome. The fans can plug into social media platforms like Facebook, the Official website, and the Instagram of the singer and learn more about her.

The track, Secretshas got an exquisite melody in the backdrop of great rhythm. The prodigious singer Jaya Lesedi has come up with classy lyrics and brilliant melodic embraces. According to me, the song deserves four and a half stars. She wants to deliver tracks at regular intervals along with videos and release them on major platforms like Youtube, iTunes, and Spotify. She is a true blue artist and practices her skills each day. The smashing tracks by the singer are available on Spotify and one can watch the music videos on YouTube.

To listen to her track on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-517769225-558584044/secrets-1

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