20 Must-Visit Places in Auckland, New Zealand

This summer, plan your international vacation in Auckland New Zealand, and find some of the amazing places to visit. Here is a list of the top 20 must-visit places.

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Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand which offers a perfect blend of sophistication and stunning natural beauty. Every year millions of tourists and global travelers visit this magnificent place of wonder. Let’s take a better look at the top 20 places that you must visit if you are in Auckland.


  1. The Sky Tower

Auckland’s Sky Tower is a wonder for many who soar high up in the sky. It is the tallest skyscraper in the southern hemisphere that offers a spectacular view of the city. The observation deck is quite magnificent and offers a 360-degree top shot of the city. It is mainly a tower building for telecommunications but it is filled with plenty of bars and restaurants in the premises.


  1. Cornwall Park

Only 6 km away from the city center, Cornwall Park is an area spread over 425 acres and offers the rich history of New Zealand along with biodiversity. The flora fauna and farm culture of this place can easily captivate everyone while offering lush green landscapes to run around. Beautiful, soothing, and in touch with nature; this place is a must-visit for all.


  1. Waiheke Island

Waiheke is one of the most popular islands in New Zealand which is only a 35 minutes drive from the main city. Beautiful and densely populated, it is one of the hotspots of the country that is popular for rowing and boating activities. You can also find some of the famous vineyards and olive farms in the country in this region. Make sure not to enjoy too much wine before you go for rowing.


  1. Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto is perhaps the youngest but also the largest volcanic mountain in New Zealand which is only 11 km away from Auckland city. Its iconic conical shape can be seen from the main city. In order to reach the island, the tourists have to take a ferry from the city and it offers a spectacular experience. On the top of the mountain, you can find black lava caves. Just make sure to pray so that it does not become active.


  1. Auckland Zoo

The Auckland Zoo is one of the oldest zoos which was established back in 1922. It is one of the premium zoological parks in the world that is spread over 40 acres of area. Only 4 Km away from the city center, this place is a must-visit for tourists of all ages. The zoo can offer around 1400 animals belonging to 138 different species.


  1. Auckland Art Gallery

Not just for nature lovers but there is something available for art enthusiasts as well. Auckland Art Gallery, also known as Toi o Tamaki is greatly related to the Maori community. The gallery has a large body and it arranges national and international art exhibitions. You can find more than 15,000 artworks belonging to foreign artists as well as native Maori people.


  1. One Tree Hill

Just like its unique name, it is also the second largest volcanic mountain in Auckland which is also famous for the Stardome Observatory. There was a solitary totara tree on the top of the hill from which it gained its name. The British cut down the tree from the summit and planted a Monterey Pine but fortunately, the Maori clan stood up and the pine was cut down in 2001. They did not want any non-native trees on their holy mountain.


  1. Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

This aquarium allows visitors to dive into a fascinating underwater experience. It is only a 7 km drive from central Auckland and offers intriguing tunnels to witness 30 deep sea animals. It is one of the largest and most innovative aquariums in New Zealand.


  1. Maritime Museum

Starting from the old days of Maori voyages to the modern day, New Zealand has a rich history in maritime navigation. A wonderful portrayal of their marine exploration and voyages can be found in this museum which is situated across the Viaduct Harbor.


  1. Skycity Auckland 

This is a famous entertainment center situated in the heart of the city that takes several floors in the Sky Tower. Visitors can find plenty of activities to keep them entertained and pampered. It has an operating casino and also has plenty of room for business and private events.


  1. Auckland Harbour Bridge

Only 3 km away from the city center, Auckland HarBour Bridge is around a kilometer long and connects St. Mary’s Bay and the North Shore of Auckland City. It is the longest bridge on the island that was built in 1959. It is iconic and offers a beautiful horizontal view of the city.


  1. Motutapu Island

Motutapu is one of the oldest islands in the region which was formed 178 million ago. It is part of New Zealand’s history and Hauraki Gulf. With the help of the New Zealand Government, many endangered species of flora and fauna have been translocated to this island.


  1. Waitakere Ranges

It is the hilly area of Auckland city that resides with the western coastline. The native rainforest here is quite dense and spans over 16000 hectares of area. There is a regional park in the Waitakere ranges which sets the perfect example of a balanced ecosystem. It supports both the flora and fauna and attracts millions of tourists every year. You can also find some incredible waterfalls and viewpoints.


  1. Mount Eden

If you are in Auckland, Mount Eden is something that you cannot miss. It is a suburban area on the North Island that offers a perfect blend of culture and nature. The best time to visit this place is from October to May when the weather stays pleasant and you can enjoy the complete view. It is only 3 km away from the main city.


  1. Piha Beach 

This beach is around 29 km far from the city center. It is a small village with a low population and one of the most beautiful places on the coast of Auckland. It will take around 40 to 45 minutes to reach this place from the main city. Famous for its black iron beach, this black terrain is a special tourist attraction for global citizens. The Tasman Sea is beautiful, moody, and enthralling which makes it favorite of everyone. That is one of the prime reasons why surfers also gather here.


  1. The Viaduct Harbour

This place is the potential hub of Auckland that is both commercial and residential at the same time. When it comes to nightlife, this is the most happening place bustling with crowds. Whether it is food, fun, or booze, you can get everything in a common hub where you can enjoy the night with many other people.


  1. TiritiriMatangi Island

It is a magical island that where you can hear the echoes of the sweet chirping birds. The Tiritirimatangi island is one of the most active and important wildlife sanctuaries in New Zealand which is also a treasure of the country. It is suitable habitat for more than 87 species of birds and 12 of them are endemic. More than 32,000 tourists come to this place every year. You can also take a 75-minute ferry ride through this bird’s paradise.


  1. Rainbow’s End

Spanning over 9.3 hectares of area, Rainbow’s End is the biggest theme park in New Zealand which was established in 1982. The place is filled with plenty of water rides and other entertainment centers. It is owned by Rangatira Limited and it is a park that is open to everyone, starting from 2 to 50.


  1. Muriwai Beach

The brooding black sea beaches are one of the favorite places for surfers. This beach is only 45 minutes away from the main city of Auckland. Due to volcanic activity, the beach is covered by black sand which makes it one of the rarest and most beautiful beaches in the world. It is also one of the world’s largest Gannet colonies.


  1. Hunua Falls

Hunua Falls looks something like straight out of a fairytale and is located on the west of the Hunua Ranges. It is a part of South Auckland that is known as the most picturesque landscape. The unparalleled beauty of this place is truly enjoyable both in winter and summer as well. It is also one of the most popular swimming spots around the world where thousands of people come to take a dip.

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