Upcoming New York World Singer TWOTOOWAVY’s ‘WAVY WRITTEN’ Is a Contemporary Hip Hop Strain


Upcoming music artist and rapper TWOTOOWAVY is creating a sundry of the new wave of hip hop with his soundscape. The artist’s creative vision has recently released a new single, ‘WAVY WRITTEN’ in association with producer, Mari !. The song depicts a storyline that is performed through the artist’s powerful vocal resonance and rhythmic sense. The song utilizes the virtues of modern-day equipment and hence produces a captivating electronic arrangement. The New York world singer presents his lyrical spontaneity in the verses of the song that is conveyed to the audience through his vocal undulation. He shows prowess and creative grandeur which makes his song brim with its own personality. Thus by giving his music identity, he also glides towards his height of accomplishment.

Artist TWOTOOWAVY’s song ‘WAVY WRITTEN’ is the first glimpse of his upcoming EP which is set to release in spring. It is expected to turn his career towards new opportunities while garnering a wide stream of fans. Some of his other songs from his soundscape include ‘EVERYMORNIN’’, ‘SO STAR’, ‘TwoToo Icy’, and ‘TWENTYTWENTY’. Hailing from Queens, the artist is prolific with his knowledge of hip hop and rap and everything associated with it. As he continues to improve his sound, he is further moving towards a fulfilling career boost. Listen to his journey of hip hop music and more by following his work on the platforms of Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, and United Masters.

Listen to TWOTOOWAVY’s ‘WAVY WRITTEN’ track on Soundcloud:


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