Talented Music Duo sapeur.wav’s New EP ‘Universe Provides’ Creates an Astounding Mix of Blended Flavors

The EP ‘Universe Provides’ by music duo, sapeur.wav, is presenting a unique scope of blended musical pursuits across the genres of soul, funk, pop, and R&B.

The diversity of music and its cultural evolution is being captured in a beautiful, resonating light by brilliant music duo, sapeur.wav. They recently came out with the Extended Play, ‘Universe Provides’ that creates a confluence of various genres influences such as bedroom pop, alternative R&B, soul, and funk that collectively formulates their soundscape. The album consists of 6 songs including ‘overshadowed doubts’, ‘royalty’, ‘runnin’’, and ‘march’ that extends the idea of love, magic, and positivity. The collaboration between singer and songwriter Katrell and producer Numonics has introduced the audience to a new creative progression altogether.

The idea of ‘Universe Provides’ is to make the audience realize that all their dreams can be accomplished with an observing heart and mind. With the negativity surrounding us, sapeur.wav’s music is a breath of fresh air and inspiration in leading the way towards a glorifying future. The interpretation of the songs is made into individual sagas that transcribe creative and musical languages into a flowing stream. The duo’s soundscape can be defined as a genre-bending experience that extracts influences from various genres. With inspiration and positivity lined on their enamel, their potential, passion, and conviction are ready to reach the global platform. The EP is available across all digital platforms. Listen to their new music on Spotify and follow them on Instagram right away.

Listen to the EP on Spotify:


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