$AINT has crafted the most eclectic beats with a fine blend of pop and rap in her track ‘CUTE’

The charismatic $AINT has delivered an exquisite rhythm of contemporary pop and hip hop in the enthralling track ‘CUTE’ and gives it a perfect modern sheen. 


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he prolific singer, $AINT has amazed her fans with a luscious confection of pop and rap in her new track. There is plenty of energy in the track ‘CUTE’ with strong melodies. The brilliant artist based out of New York has come up with raw capture. She has narrated her personal life story and phases in the relationship with a lot of panache. She has gone through a lot of hurdles while writing this track and the song is all about nostalgic feelings of first love. She gives the fans an escape route and shares her present thoughts. The singer is available on Instagram.

The splendid track, ‘CUTE’ has smart vocals with a catchy tune. $AINT has etched out a melodic embrace through her track. She feels that good memories will always remain as an integral part of life. She was able to write various things like love and pretty sunset even when she was in darker times. She also does not forget drinking boba and write about that. She wants the fans to visualize the entire story and in the process relate to the tracks. Her tracks are streamed on Spotify.

Listen to her other songs here :


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