‘Second Skin’ by Peter Kasen haunts everyone with the skeleton of the past

Peter Kasen gives a stylish introduction to his immense potential with his new release ‘Second Skin’ that throws light on moving away from the pain of the past.

Burying old scars to go ahead in life is something that most people do, but there are very few who hold the courage to express emotion musically. Peter Kasen is one of those very rare talents who hold the power and the skill to confront his feelings and has recently penned down his mesmerizing track ‘Second Skin’ directed to the theme. The Miami-born artist has an incredible sense of music and has created the song based on a simple yet powerful acoustic guitar setting that ten-fold the impact of the soundtrack. His vocal clarity coupled with the masterstroke of his immersive words makes the whole soundscape easily memorable. Thoughtfully written and creatively laced with intriguing instrumental sounds, the song is a brilliant release from his end.

Peter Kasen released six albums and three new singles and have toured around US and Europe. The artist is significantly the epitome of an independent musician as he hints at the level of his artistic nature with the drop of his new music video ‘Second Skin. The mature production style and the gravitating rhythm of his voice make the song a compulsory listen for all music lovers. Hear the song on YouTube and check out his official website for more updates.

Watch the Music Video on YouTube:


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