Abhi Manapragada opens his passionate soul to the wide audience with the album ‘Confessions from a Drifter’s Soul’

Abhi Manapragada is thriving with his angelic vocals and a passionate knack for learning the diversity in music with the album ‘Confessions from a Drifter’s Soul’.

The untold story of when two different worlds collide is shared on the breathtaking rock album ‘Confessions from a Drifter’s Soul’. The indie-rock artist Abhi Manapragada has launched this amazing full-length album on Spotify to tell the world that he is living his dream. He thinks that “all music shares the human story”. He takes the leap to start his own journey and the mystic chapter of a new life begins with the new album. He keeps it simple with the stories that rouse empathy for each other. He appoints rich rock melodies to pour the right amount of intensity needed to express his innermost feelings. His iconic fluttering vocals in each song will convince the listeners to follow their dreams and start to act.

Abhi Manapragada’s prominent Jamaican roots and upbringing in Louisiana exposed him to the vast world of musical diversity. He has a serious interest in exploring the joy of playing versatile instruments to create alternative sounds. He wants to spread peace and love with the track, ‘To Live Is To Love’. It’s the story of his heart following the passion for music and love for the community. “Broken Hearts, Broken Souls” is another soft rock ballad with poring emotions and engaging hooks to fix your heart. Get more songs on his Spotify profile and Instagram.

Listen to his Album on Spotify:


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