Blac Lou Caine has engaged the fans with heavy rhythm in the tracks from his album ‘Out Da Gate’

The uber-cool Blac Lou Caine has come up with a unique swagger and style in the songs from his popular album ‘Out Da Gate’ that have a very insane release. 

Blac Lou Caine

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he rapper, Blac Lou Caine has thrown all cautions to the wind with catchy flows in the hook of his recent songs. He has piqued the interest among fans with his crazy numbers from the songs of the 9-track album ‘Out Da Gate’ as all the numbers feature 320swoo. Some of the popular tracks from the album are ‘Intro’, ‘Crack Da Code’, ‘Its Up’, and ‘2letta Freestyle’. The singer has brilliantly motivated the listeners and uplifted them during difficult times. He has shared his experiences about financial obstacles and wants to turn the tables and become a successful hip-hop artist.

The album, ‘Out Da Gate’ kicks into gear with natty sounds in the track ‘Intro’ and the theme used is from ‘Boyz In Da Hood’. The other tracks, ‘Crack Da Code’, ‘Its Up’ and ‘2letta Freestyle’ have got plenty of playful vibes. Blac Lou Caine has incorporated nudges of funk. His authentic style of rapping had the smartest vocal delivery, and manifested the truth with glittering performance. Fans can now check his Instagram handle to get more updates about his latest releases.

Listen to his other songs here :

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