The Song ‘Bonfire Eyes’ by New York Based Singer-Songwriter Peter Lake is a Genre-Bending Musical Stream

Upcoming New York-based singer-songwriter Peter Lake recently came out with the single, ‘Bonfire Eyes’ that puts together a varied assortment of musical strains.

Upcoming music artist and songwriter Peter Lake is presenting a cascading stream of genre-bending styles in the verses of his new release, ‘Bonfire eyes’. The song is a captivating sundry of mixed flavors that come together into a beautiful course of modern and old school variations. The diversity is compelling as he sets a benchmark of artistic independence through the song. His use of dynamic undulations, rhythmic patterns, production arrangements, and lyrics collectively pave the way for an intense thematic resonance. The audience also accepts the eccentricity of the song with open arms as the artist continues to deliver the prowess of his vocal balance into its natural progression. A soundscape influenced by artists from various eras and genre orientations; he can extract the best components to pave the way for an enriched musical experience.

Peter Lake
Peter Lake

The New York-based singer-songwriter is inspired by the works of artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Motown, The Beatles, Billie Eilish, Tame Impala, and Black Coffee. As a result, his music is not constricted to a particular genre but flows across a stream of hybrid flavors. The song, ‘Bonfire Eyes’ comprises the same artistic freedom with a theme relatable to the audience. His other song, ‘Vaccinate With Love (Dedicated To Dr. Osterholm)’ also presents his endless acceptance of music with a social outlook. Currently, he has new material at his disposal which he will be releasing over the course of the year. For more information, follow him on Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and his official website.

To visit his SoundCloud profile, go through the below link :

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