AztroGrizz’ new hip hop anthem ‘Awake’ talks about being focused

In the new hip hop single ‘Awake,’ the Denver natives hip hop duo AztroGrizz raps about the idea of being focused despite the negative happenings around us.

The newly welcomed hip hop duo in the hip hop realm, AztroGrizz is determined to change the definition of the rap industry with their latest music. The duo was formed like a sporadic sparkle of fire that has currently engulfed the whole atmosphere with its cutting-edge musicality that stands on its artistic merits. Like the world is changing every moment, they bring the tornado of change with the heady rap track Awake. It again shines a spotlight on their inherited power to spit carefully collected and potent bars.


The two remarkable hip hop artists, Jon LeDuc and Sterling Lewis don’t forget to underlay the songs with the shadow of growing in an open space surrounded by the Rockies. The vintage quality of music is often derived from their strong nostalgia for a bohemian life. They are hot on their heels to capture the same attention from the world for their latest music release ‘Awake’. The success of their debut album “Journey 2 the Center of Our Worth” makes them a new sensation in the present music scene. ‘Awake’ recaps AztroGrizz’ 2020. It was written from different points of views and tells us to remain focused and “awake” despite lingering negativity. Follow them on Spotify and Instagram for more updates.

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