Lyrical genius EliDaGreat is spreading his musical aura through the latest banger ‘Side Story’

Make some way for emerging rapper EliDaGreat as he has come up with his latest track ‘Side Story’. The track is setting an example in the modern hip-hop industry.

Eli DaGreat

Featuring a dicey musical arrangement and poetic verses, EliDaGreat is dishing out everyone with his latest single Side Story. The single is masterfully composed with both organic and digital elements along with some catchy vocal segments. The artist meanders through the invigorating soundscape filled with hefty digital beats and saxophone influences. The artist is a lyrical genius and that reflects through the indulgent narrative of the track. His intriguing lyricism doesn’t only engage the listeners but also puts a deep impact on them. The track is like an open letter from the artist to everyone who relates with the feeling of being not acknowledged or given importance to.

Hailing from Louisiana, this artist is redefining the perspective of lyricism in hip-hop music. He likes to incorporate real-life stories and events which make a relatable approach to the listeners. His songwriting skills and storytelling keep listeners engrossed in his music. Some of the other tracks like, ‘Never Ordinary’, ‘Just Sometimes’, ‘On Scene’, are some of the musical hits by Eli. His latest single ‘Side Story’ is stretching his musical consistency even further. Currently, this artist is working on his forthcoming project to release soon. Follow EliDaGreat on YouTube and Spotify to know more about his upcoming music and experimental projects.

Listen to his track on Spotify:

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