Join an Emotive Lyrical Ballad with Tgawd and His Latest Musical Representation ‘Love$Ick’

Emerging rapper and music artist TGawd is captivating listeners with his catchy world play through the latest single ‘Love$ick’. He is a Baltimore-based rapper.

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]pcoming rapper TGawd is recreating the authentic essence of new-age hip-hop music with his latest single Love$ick. The track is setting an example in the industry with its unique sound design and catchy wordplay. The artist has done a great job with an emotionally rich rapping style that appears to be poetic and provides an intriguing narrative of life and love. The musical arrangement keeps sprawling through bass-heavy grooves and digital beats in a more organic way. The artist’s eclecticism consists of melody and metaphoric lyricism which establishes the subject matter firmly that revolves around the street, love, and betrayal. With a perfect balance of poignancy and emotions, the track is making everyone engrossed in it.


This uber-talented music artist and rapper is dwelling from East Baltimore and spreading his creative aura all over the world through music. He is greatly inspired by Lil Wayne and trying to follow the steps of success with that inspiration. Previously, this artist dropped some singles like ‘Come 4our ‘ and ‘Gawdfe$$ion$/Day One’ which have already proved his talent and skill as a well-seasoned rapper. The latest banger ‘Love$ick’ carries a similar aura and metaphoric wordplay which excite listeners. Follow TGawd on YouTube to know more about his upcoming songs.

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