Chicago MC ISA is back with his powerful rap anthem ‘Every Time’

Hustling in life is constant for the versatile vocalist and rapper, ISA. And he makes it clear in his latest introspective rap song ‘Every Time’ with bewitching and clever lyrical adventure.


From jail to the spotlight in the hip-hop industry, it has been a long but memorable journey for Isa Ahad (aka ISA). His struggles and mature insights while being held up behind the bars have made a huge impact on his musical adventures. He soaked his soul in positivity to create the magical hip hop hit single Every Time. With small instances from his small stint in the jail, he makes its verses as the reflection of his mundanity and progress in life. The rap voice, on the other hand, re-crafts the experience, re-directs your thoughts, maintains the tone absolutely current, and fits wonderfully, as with everything else. It offers just enough of that something new to properly cement the release’s power. There is a great deal of creativity, enthusiasm, and professionalism here.

Rapper ISA sings about losing and gaining, feeling powerless, pain, and betrayal with a huge amount of optimism. Because he deals with real-life concerns, his new song ‘Every Time’ is extraordinary and one-of-a-kind. It conveys messages about life’s anguish, conflicts, and obstacles, as well as tenacity, insecurity, and optimism. His music captivates listeners with its distinct hip-hop arrangements and thought-provoking lyrics. It is an extremely inspiring rap flow and creates a sense of hope in people’s lives. His music is current, and he is a budding musician constantly releasing high-quality tunes. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram for more fun.

Check out the song on Spotify:

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