Eloquent EDM Artist NTUSIO DJ Drops A Groovy Number ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL!’ on Soundcloud

The pandemic has put the music industry to an endless test of resolve. Indie artists and avant-garde music composers have come forward to secure their legacy in the industry with more and more online music releases. The upcoming EDM artist NTUSIO DJ has taken his time in his studio to release a fresh EDM number ‘HERE WE GO FESTIVAL !’. It is utterly spectacular – a soulful and smooth touch to techno vibes that began with a plethora of sounds and beats, but has now been pared back to its essence, with a superb and exquisite production that really brings out the light of the music. It may stand out from the majority of the electronic launches you have heard in recent months. This record features a set of charismatic hooks set to a calm, softly padded trip-hop rhythm and a rather minimalist but powerful dream-like soundscape. The escalating techno melodic flow is phenomenal. It’s even better with the beautiful alienated harmonies and electronic melodies softly floating under it all.

Having his own studio, N TUSIO DJ decided to record a new dance number HERE WE GO FESTIVAL! with a post-pandemic sensation. It has blown away the followers of EDM melodies. He is an electronic hero who has reached the peak of success with the pure euphoric single. He is an unmistakably original music producer, an inspiring spirit, with a great range of talents that he carries in his heart. It’s a lovely journey through soul, ambient, electronica, and EDM, with a wonderfully peaceful collection of beats and stories shared amidst the verses of one song. Follow the new artist on SoundcloudSpotifyand YouTube for all the latest singles he recently released.

Plug into SoundCloud to listen to his music: https://soundcloud.com/user-711957975/here-we-go-festival

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