Up and coming music artist SPACE JAY is all set to launch his upcoming EP ‘T.tranna G.get I.it’

Unwavering music artist SPACE JAY is making a huge buzz with his upcoming highly anticipated album ‘T.tranna G.get I.it’. It will be released on 16th July.


Versatile music artist SPACE JAY is fleshing out emotions through his latest musical representations. This artist has masterfully crafted his upcoming EP ‘T.tranna G.get I.it’ with relatable wordplay and brilliant production. The release date is decided to be 16th July and listeners are eagerly waiting for that. With a balance between melody and gritty, the EP is quite amazing. Deep emotive lyricism hits hard as the artist has established the subject matter of life and relationship through the singles in it. An honest lyrical approach will not fail to put an impact on the listeners and make them engaged. Even though the indulgent mood of the EP stirs the emotions inside; a finely calibrated musical arrangement assures that artist wants his listeners to enjoy this debut project.

The upcoming EP ‘T.tranna G.get I.it’ comes with beautiful storytelling and offers people six beautiful tracks like, ‘Industry’, ‘Double Cup’, ‘Spaghetti’, ‘Goofy’, ‘Sing’ and the bonus track ‘Geeked Up’. The artist has collaborated with Dior Norf, Tribal Ting, and Young jay craft this EP. With a determination to create more tracks, JAY is already looking for more inspiration. For more exciting updates, follow SPACE JAY on the major music platforms.

Follow him on Social Media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spacejay_

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SPACEJAYSPACE

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo2VPD37LhDT8khqxmr1kJA

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