NuKarma’s new single ‘Lay-Up’ is brimming with positive vibes

Hailing from Chicago, talented music artist NuKarma has come up with his new single ‘Lay-Up.’
It is enriched with a relaxing vibe and tropical beats.


Featuring indulgent lyricism and smooth tropical beats, NuKarma has dropped his single, ‘Lay-Up’. The artist has skillfully crafted this track with his catchy lyrical flow and a brilliant musical arrangement that helps the subject matter to build up. Groovy bass and a soft soundscape let the artist meander through with his eclectic performance. His faultless deliverance creates a major hook which is further carried by the relaxing sound design. The track has a laid-back attitude, which is balanced with a subtle punch of optimism and positive vibes. It is a perfect mood lifter for all kinds of listeners out there.

This songwriter/rapper is spreading his musical aura across the world. Throughout his prolific musical career, the artist has offered listeners numerous amazing tracks like ‘Split,’ ‘Consistency,’ ‘Gassed Up,’ and many others that reflect his talent, skill, and creativity. The artist has previously released two albums, namely ‘Split’ and ‘Shadow Boxing’ which generated some heat in the modern music industry. Each of them consists of thirteen amazing bangers. ‘Lay-Up’ is just another addition to his musical arsenal which is growing big and strong. Follow NuKarma on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Instagram to know more.

Listen to the track on Spotify:

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