Indie pop singer/songwriter Vanalika Shan is spreading her musical aura through the latest single ‘(I’m) Crazy’

Winning the world one sunflower at a time, Vanalika Shan has dropped her latest single, ‘(I’m) Crazy,’ offering a dreamy pop essence to everyone.

Vanalika Shan

Featuring smooth vocal skills enriched with melodic harmony, Vanalika Shan has come up with her latest track, ‘(I’m) Crazy.’ The sound design creates a dreamy and groovy soundscape that engages listeners with a deeper impact. Inspired by the Netflix show “You”, “(I’m) Crazy” paints love as a whimsical facade. It takes you to a wonderland, leaving you daydreaming about that special someone. However, when lyrics are given a deeper listen, you’ll be falling off cloud nine in no time.

Born in India, Vanalika’s musical journey started when she was just 3 years old, shortly after moving to the United States with her family. Initially singing in the school choir, she then later started performing at the Sydney Opera House with legendary Indian artists and starring in top-quality musical theatre productions. Vanalika also released ‘Midnight’ and ‘Blinding Lights and Physical’ in 2020. Aside from ‘(I’m) Crazy,’ she also released ‘No Feelings’ and ‘Lonely’ this year. Also, a pianist, Vanalika’s open-hearted sound is the result of years of immersing herself in diverse cultures around the globe. We look forward to hearing more from this talented artist. Follow Vanalika Shan on Spotify and her official website to have a taste of her creations.

Check out the song on Spotify:

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