Yuma Jazz Company is offering old school jazz grooves with the latest track ‘Dime Store Novel’

Rejuvenate the encapsulating essence of jazz music as Yuma Jazz Company is taking over the industry with its latest single ‘Dime Store Novel’, appearing on ‘Serenity’.

Yuma Jazz Company

Churning out the authentic essence of jazz music, Yuma Jazz Company has come up with its latest song Dime Store Novel. The musical group is well revered for its precious contributions both in old-school jazz and contemporary jazz music. The track has a retro jazz groove which is finely calibrated with organic tunes of the trumpet, guitar, and bass. With a clock time of six and a half minutes, the track is quite engaging and enjoyable for all kinds of listeners. The track catches its funky progress from the beginning and keeps evolving with smooth transitions and solo inputs. It is a musical treat to enjoy a perfectly jazz-soaked night.

The latest track ‘Dime Store Novel’ is appearing on the exquisite album ‘Serenity’ along with five other tracks. The track is one of the greatest compositions by Steven Hennig who is well revered as an unwavering trumpeter and composer. The united musical effort reflects through Jason Arviso’s guitar skills while Leo Papo Neblina and Brandon Coz handle the bass and percussion respectively. The quintet has performed many tracks together to offer listeners a seamless instrumental journey of jazz which contains a lot of emotions. Follow Yuma Jazz Company on Spotify, SoundCloud, and the official website to have a taste of their music.

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