Invigorate yourself with Teddy Konickson’s Latest Superhero Story ‘Extraordinary’


Featuring an extremely powerful story of a kid who turns into the savior of the world, Teddy Konickson has captivated everyone with his latest book Extraordinary. Tickling every reader’s inner senses the author has crafted this sci-fi adventure story with an ample amount of realistic references. In the story, the protagonist, Charles goes through a series of miserable incidents in life which makes him the gloomiest kid in the school. From getting bullied at school and facing death in a car accident, Charles tries to find out the relevance of life and he finally achieves it after figuring out his superpowers. Will he be able to save earth from the apocalypse? Will he finally meet his crush, the love of his life? Find out by purchasing the book at Amazon.

Teddy’s latest creation apparently seems like a modern cliché supers story but the story consists of more than that. I like the concept of how Teddy utilizes a regular kid and turns him into a superhero which ignites hope in every reader. There is a positive essence that anyone can become a superhero with a good heart. However, there are enough poignant elements that create a sense of agony. Perfectly balanced with emotions, this story has given me moments of joy, terror, tension, and love as well. It is an enjoyable read and perfectly justified with the title as readers can witness an ordinary kid turning into an ‘Extraordinary’ superhero being. Follow Teddy Konickson on Facebook and his official website to know more.


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