Award-Winning Author William M Hayes‘S Book Save Him: A Military Time Travel Thriller’ Provokes Your Thoughts

Established author William M Hayes has crafted an extremely powerful story of a brilliant scientist descending into chaos after he discovers a time-traveling in Save Him: A Military Time Travel Thriller. You will be mistaken if you think this is a regular science fiction story. The narrative closely deals with the theme of religion by intertwining various imageries of both science and religion. The story begins with a Military scientist Rydel Scott discovering time traveling when a secret mission regarding one of his own inventions experiences a system failure.

William M Hayes

Both his physical and mental exhaustion leads him to believe that it is a message from God to save his son, Jesus Christ from death. The man-of-science begins his epic adventure to go back in time and rescue Jesus. The consequences of his actions drive a force of elite soldiers to go after him and stop him from meddling with time. The best thing about ‘Save Him: A Military Time Travel Thriller’ by William M Hayes in my opinion is that it features a storyline that deals with a very common concept but with an out-of-the-box approach. It makes the readers think twice before they come to a judgment on whether Scott is right or wrong in his quest.

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