Dr. Lune A. Teek’s ‘What The Hell’s Wrong With America’ is Available Now to Stir the Deeper Emotions

Versatile author Dr. Lune A. Teek is breaking the social norms with his latest and impactful creation ‘What The Hell’s Wrong With America’, 2015-2017 The Evil Years.

Prolific author Dr. Lune A. Teek has come up with his new book What The Hell’s Wrong With America; an intriguing thesis on the racial aspects in America and how it is affecting society. I am amazed how the author has skillfully incorporated the chaotic facts of society in simple and impactful words. As a reader, I can easily comprehend the societal issues since Dr. Lune has expressed common thoughts that everyone shares. While every other person is aware of their race, nobody really knows the relevance of labeling and discriminating people with the labels like ‘Black’ and ‘White’. I like how the author has represented the grey area of humanity that lies within and beyond the racial aspects. However, the subject matter does not only revolve around race but the chaos and casualties that occurred due to the discrimination. The author has also shared a fair opinion on the struggles the LGBTQ community faces along with gay marriage.

‘What The Hell’s Wrong With America’ (2015-2017 The Evil Years) is the first book by Dr. Lune A. Teek and he is already reaching new heights while stirring the deeper emotions of readers like me. He started writing this book on his birthday on 31st October in 2015 and after two years of research and hard work, he has finally arrived with this book. The book is currently available for purchase on the official page. Follow this talented author to get more amazing non-fiction books in the coming days that show the naked reality of society.

Read the book ‘What The Hell’s Wrong With America’ by Dr. Lune A. Teek: 


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