Author Dennis L Binder Jr Has Published ‘DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS? Revised Edition’

Get a transparent view on the socio-economic structure with Dennis L Binder Jr’s latest book ‘DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS? Revised Edition’.

Dennis L Binder Jr

Shedding light upon the economic crisis of middle-class families, author Dennis L Binder Jr has produced his latest book, ‘DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS? Revised Edition: How Taxation effects the Economy & the Importance of Individual Freedom’. This revised edition has been published on 4th January of this year and already winning the heart of readers like me with his logical explanation of Tax cuts & their positive effects on society. However, the author has also kept the good sides of tax payment in concern and also, the importance of a responsible & representative government. I like his analysis quite much that helped me understand the factual information regarding the socio-economic condition of America.

Dennis is a talented author from Sioux City in the USA, who is spreading his creative aura through his perspective of writing. I like the author for raising his concern regarding Illegal Immigration, Terrorism, and the importance of reconsidering our Moral Principle’s, so as to achieve the ‘best possible’ Human Experience. However, the growing taxation issues & regulations of the country are making it worse. It is hampering individual freedom and the beneficial aspects of capitalism and working-class enhancement. I like how the author has expressed the struggles of the working poor and middle class that are often neglected. He is aware of how tax revenue can help in the growth of the economy & job creation.
The latest book, ‘DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS? Revised Edition’ is available on Amazon for purchase. Follow Dennis L Binder Jr on Instagram, Facebook, and the official book publishing website to know more.

You can purchase the book on Amazon:

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