Smyly Sickwitit’s New Release ‘Lay Me Down to Sleep’ Gives People the Courage to Fight their Life Battles

One of Boston’s premier artists, Smyly Sickwitit, showcases a dynamic blend of inspiring lyrics and hardcore hip-hop beats in ‘Lay Me Down to Sleep.

Smyly Sickwitit

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he hip-hop genre has the ability to produce fiery lyrical ballads based on the creative capabilities of the artist. Notable hip-hop artist and entrepreneur from Roslindale, Massachusetts, Smyly Sickwitit takes the genre to the next level with his exceptional originality and genuine passion for creating something new and sublime. He has recently introduced Lay Me Down to Sleep,’ showcasing his signature fiery rhyming style that has helped him acquire a name in the industry. He talks about his life struggles and how he overcame them through brilliant lyrical illustration. It helps him connect with the audience better as they find it highly relatable and thought-provoking.

Released on February 22nd, Lay Me Down to Sleephas gained quite the attention of the global hip-hop community. The song is a part of his upcoming album, ‘Longevity,’ which is to be released on April 2nd. This track and the other tracks of the album, such as ‘Out of My Body,’ ‘Turn Back,’ ‘Still Rockin’, and ‘Better Me’ reveal Smyly Sickwitit’s ability to blend realism, catchy beats, and crafty wordplay to create incredible sonic perfections. Produced by Rockwood Productions, Lay Me Down to Sleep conveys the positive message of overcoming life hurdles with confidence. Follow Smyly Sickwitit on Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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