The New Successful Hip-Hop Artist, SIR COG Is Expanding His Reach with His Exceptional Songs

Listen to the hip-hop excellency with the new successful Hip-hop artist, SIR COG. His unique ways of presenting the song have garnered a lot of audiences.

Join the lyrical ballad with the prolific artist SIR COG. The skilled artist is captivating all the listeners with his brilliant soundscapes. He beautifully balances out the hooky write-ups with intriguing music. His exceptional songs have reached out to a lot of people. The thematic and rhythmic flow of his songs has garnered a lot of ears. His competence in writing heartfelt lyrics is one of the significant traits of this artist. This independent artist is inspiring all the listeners with his craft. He encourages all the young aspirant singers through his songs. This musician has gotten so much appreciation for his unique way of presentation. All of his crafts are different from each other and generate refreshing vibes.


The new successful Hip-hop artist has given a lot of songs in his career span. Among all the brilliant crafts two songs of them have gotten more appreciation. The soundtracks are Breakin The Bank Freestyle’ and Christmas In Harlem Freestyle. Both the songs are unique and refreshing. With different concepts, the artist offers variant kinds of songs. With this unique way of approach, the artist has garnered more audiences. Apart from these SIR COG has given a lot of songs, which are also very much appealing. His other prolific works are, ‘Wit My Pen’, ‘This Ain’t No Joke’, ‘They’re Dying’, and ‘They’re Dependin’ On Me’. All his songs are available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Visit his profile to listen to them. Other than that, follow him on Facebook and Instagram to know more about his upcoming songs.

Follow him on SoundCloud for more latest tracks:

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