Agaapi Announces The Release Of A New EP, ‘Summer Days’

Inspiring music producer Agaapi channels his positive thoughts and feelings into the songs of his upcoming EP, ‘Summer Days.’

Electronic music has been the center of attention in the global music industry for a long time. Talented music producer Agaapi and others like him keep the trend alive with their incredible works. Agaapi is all set to release a masterpiece collection of brilliant EDM melodies named Summer Days’ on July 1st on all the major music streaming platforms. The EP will feature four extraordinary tracks, ‘Oceanside,’ ‘Feel It,’ ‘Speed,’ and ‘Take Care.’ The songs are unique in their own way but form a connection with each other with the timing of production and vibes.


Hailing from Cleveland, Agaapi has achieved the greatest heights in the contemporary EDM scene at only 20. Bringing back the nostalgia from the early 2010s electronic dance music and infused with an exuberant new-age resonance to form a collection of total sonic satisfaction, the songs will cater to different moods and help the listeners escape from the mundane reality to a blissful acoustic reverie.

Listen to Agaapi’s music on Spotify and follow him on Twitter to stay updated about the EP.

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