Bring Back the Truthful Hip-hop Vibes With the Grooving Vibes of Kiera Janea in her Edgy and Daunting Tracks

The emerging artist is delivering some gripping beat incorporated hip-hop charm in her debut EP ‘MillQuarter Outlaw EP’. Kiera Janea has produced six ferociously well-written tracks in it. The most popular track of the EP is Chill Out, she has marvelously done them. Her gripping voice has shown the concrete meaning of the song. Her lustrous and cool vocal combination is very unique and surely fresh in this world of music. The daunting words of her verses leave a long-lasting impact on the listeners. When I first came across her songs is found each of her numbers to be intensely grooving and fascinating. Another number Woman of My Dream is also saturated with the love she has for hip-hop music.

Kiera Janea
Kiera Janea

Her actual name is MillQuarter Outlaw and her EP is eponymous to her name. She was born in Georgia, United States. Her debut EP delivered six adorable, grooving, and in some ways daunting tracks. Georgia Hip-hop Artist has teamed with WSMQ Fatboy for another alluring number ‘Get Loose’. She is presently working on the second part of her EP. This EP holds songs like ‘Assassin (Shooter), ‘Cake (Oh Yeah)’, and ‘C’Est La Vie’ along with the above-mentioned ‘Chill Out’, and ‘Get Loose’, and ‘Woman of My Dream’. Listener to these numbers on SoundCloud and evidently her upcoming EP will charm and grip the audience with her prolific voice and catchy wordplay. Kiera Janea is available on Twitter and Instagram as well, follow to know everything about her musical expedition.

To listen the songs of Kiera Janea visit the given link:

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