What are The Top 5 Benefits of Free Music Press Release Distribution?

Free Music Press Release Distribution

The face of music distribution is indeed changing and that too at an exceptional pace. Every musician needs to jump out of their comfort shell to compete with the major labels. So, one of the easiest, fastest, and of course effective way to do that is through a press release.

What is a Music Press Release?

If you want to publicize your music, a PR is all you need! Several artists and musicians use PRs to seek the attention of reporters, editors, and other media people.

So, if you’re looking out for some quick publicity, it’s time that you start including PRs in your marketing plans.

You need a PR for several reasons, like:

  • Announce the drop of your music to the world
  • Announce your music launch publicly and not privately
  • The big music professionals take PRs seriously
  • It’s a professional’s thing, not amateurs
  • The press releases stay online

Just like music distribution, you need press release distribution. But the thing is that most music distribution houses charge an abnormal fee. This gets a bit challenging for those artists who are just starting in their careers.

So, why not take the middle way out! Hire a free music press release distribution company for enjoying similar benefits. Yes!

The only thing you need to take care of while choosing a free website is its originality. 

A few criteria to consider are:

Links: A genuine website will allow you to include links in the PR. 

Google News: Aim to submit your PR to the free PR distribution website that has a relationship with Google News for achieving the best results.

Page Rank: Make sure to check the page rank of the host site. In case the site has an extremely low rank (below 3), it won’t do any good.

Strong Journalist Network: Instead of relying on a PR distribution service that doesn’t have a network of journalists and newspapers, try choosing the one that has.

How you can benefit from the free PR distribution houses?

5 advantages of free music PR distribution are:

  • Instant Exposure

Be it a free or paid distribution house, the experts place proper keywords, titles, tags, and meta-descriptions that make the PR visible to the target audience.

  • Superb SEO Benefits

One of the primary reasons to choose PR distribution is for the SEO advantage. The professionals optimize the PR with a thorough understanding of the audience base. This makes your music PR even more searchable.

  • Create Backlinks

Did you know that backlinks help to direct more traffic? Well, yes. A well-written and properly optimized PR creates backlinks that can increase the traffic inflow. Moreover, the more the number of backlinks the more the artist’s page rank increases on the SERP.

  • Precise Targeting

Most PR distribution hubs are set up based on industry types. For example, in the case of music PR distribution, the experts improve the chances of your music being seen by setting the target on the Arts & Entertainment industry.

  • It’s Free!

This has to be the biggest advantage. Even if the PR doesn’t work in ways you expect it to, you have nothing to lose. On the brighter side, you can make the necessary changes for better performance.

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