Get ready to party hard with Venn Sung and their addictive rock soundscape, ‘All The Way Us’, releasing soon

Are you willing to soak in the charming vibes of rock? Then you must catch the emerging band Venn Sung and their debut single ‘All The Way Us’ on July 14.

Venn Sung

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he beguiling trio with the best rock musical accent is making the world aware of their name, Venn Sung. Philadelphia-based Venn Sung has three powerful members Benj (bass & vocals), Bruce (drums), and Steve (guitar). And all of them together are all set to deliver their debut track, All The Way Us,’ delivering a distinct sound that encompasses the foundational rock elements. It, however, brings more to the table than its enticing sonics and tone. The lyrical content promotes an emboldening message about connection and the good deeds that come from it. This song certainly leaves a warm feeling, just like their brotherly bonding.

The trio met in an open mic, and they connected instantly. They treat each other like family, and their bond can be seen in the song vividly. The name Venn Sung came from Venn Diagram, which represents their unique bond. Be a part of their rock, playful musical diction. With this song, you can dance and get addicted to its musicality. ‘All The Way Us’ has widely showcased its potential. I am extremely intrigued to witness their upcoming tracks.

Catch ‘All The Way Us’ on July 14, 2022, on all major streaming platforms, including SoundCloud. Follow Venn Sung on Facebook to know more about them and their endeavors.

Listen to all tracks click on the below link:

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