Florida Hip-Hop Artist Big Walt Dishes out Two Amazing New Rap Hits

Florida Hip-Hop Artist Big Walt creates a colorful array of emotive verses and elevated music in the form of two new rap numbers ‘Tired’ and ‘At Peace’.

Big Walt

Churning out a stream of seasoned rap melodies augmented by elements of classic hip hop, the adroit singer Big Walt has delivered two new songs ‘Tired’ and ‘At Peace’. With their intricate sound design and hardcore free flow of rap, the two songs make for a sublime listening experience, creating a soundscape of majestic musical energy imbibed with an outburst of powerful lyrics. The organic vocals of the artist, without much tempering or distortions, help create a strong bond between the psyche of the listeners and the artist. The lyrics appear to be rough and yet convey the underlying vulnerability that inspired the creation of the songs. Though the songs have distinctive themes and sound designs, they possess the familiarity of classic hip-hop, which lends them a timeless quality. The songs transport listeners into an enthralling realm of music that presents the artist as an innovator with a deep musical understanding.

While ‘Tired’ represents the trepidations and pathos of the Florida Hip-Hop Artist, with a view of his unguarded vulnerability, ‘At Peace’ showcases the revival of the singer into a no-hoots-given phase, where he finds peace after cutting off the negativities in life, even though that meant losing certain things and people. The two songs can be regarded as complementary to each other as they portray two consecutive phases of the artist’s self-growth. This interweaving of the personal into art can only come from a creative virtuoso and is evident in his other tracks like ‘Lost’ and ‘HideOut’. Listen to these songs by logging into SoundCloud.

Listen to These Tracks on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/walter-gulley-536118565

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