Jazz up Your Party Tunes with the Brilliant EDM Onslaught of Queensland DJ Christian Krauter

Keeping the audience enthralled with his creative magnitude, the Queensland DJ Christian Krauter sets the scene on the dancefloor with ‘Total Hustler’ and ‘Good-Bye – 2021 – Mix’.


A lively mix of enthralling melodies and sublime musicality, the two new tracks by the musical whizz Christian Krauter, ‘Total Hustler’ and ‘Good-Bye – 2021 – Mix’, give EDM lovers a treat for their earbuds with their exceptional sound design aimed to crank up the heat on the dancefloor. Each of the two tracks showcases an authenticity and swagger that have become the insignia of the artist, and have received immense love since their release. Krauter retains the relevance of his music as each song is crafted keeping in mind the contemporary music scene while also keeping the classical elements of the genre intact.

In  ‘Total Hustler’, the Queensland DJ exhibits a clean maneuver of wacky, crunchy hydraulics synths and triumph overtures of wild bass abstraction laced with pitched-up Sino-melodies, creating the cinematic effect of a suspense-packed action scene with an adrenaline-stimulating rhythm. ‘Good-Bye – 2021 – Mix’ is an upbeat DJ Liveset, with various artists, remixed on New Year’s Eve 31.12.2021, and makes for a perfect party scene with its hip and happening production. The enormity of Christian Krauter’s creative genius manifests itself in his music, as seen in tracks like ‘Pixel BOB’ and ‘BoopDa Bee’. These brilliant tracks by the artist are available for streaming on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. To always remain updated on his music, check out his website, and follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Listen to these Tracks on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/christian-krauter-1

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