Give Your Soul a Rejuvenating Elixir with North Carolina Music Band Apollo Craven’s Music

The North Carolina music band Apollo Craven weaves magic with their creative genius in their heart-winning alt-rock anthems ‘Starseeds’ and ‘Yesteryear No. 7’.

Apollo Craven

Giving rock music experience a massive makeover, the talented troop of original progressive rock artists Apollo Craven has released two enthralling musical gems: ‘Starseeds’ and ‘Yesteryear No. 7’. Weaving together melodies that make these alt-rock anthems a pleasant earworm, the band showcases an unrivaled instrumental dexterity with a diversity that shreds apart any hint of monotony, exuding an energetic ambiance of sublime musicality. The depth of lyricism holds a poetic allure and provides much food for thought, while also sending out a clear message about the vibe that they wish to set with their songs.

A part of the ‘Sessions in the Sun’ album, Apollo Craven’s ‘Yesteryear No. 7’ slithers deep into the psyche of the listeners and instills a heartfelt and nostalgic vibe with clear notes of pathos and unequivocal emotions, as the vocals take on a serene yet passionate note that charms listeners into a dreamy soundscape. ‘Starseeds’ was originally released as a part of a three-track EP called ‘Jericho’ in 2011, and was remastered and re-released by the band. The song engages listeners into an electrically charged ambiance of enlivening guitar riffs and strong vocal maneuvers against smashing 808s, breathing a new life into the soulful lyrics. Check out these tracks, along with some of the most coveted masterpieces from the North Carolina music band on SoundCloud. Their songs can also be streamed on Spotify, Reverbnation, and Apple Music. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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